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Technikum akademickie
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Srebrna Szkoła 2023

The Technical School ( popular „Tygiel”) is the school with traditions of 67 years. Professional teaching staff guarantees a high level of teaching confirmed by the results of the annual school-leaving and vocational exams.

We have numerous certificates confirming the high quality of our facility f.ex.The Quality Certificate ISO 9001: 2008.

The rich tradition of the school develops the Association of Graduates and Friends, integrating the graduates' environment and supporting the didactic and educational activity of the school.

The school year abounds in numerous cultural, regional and sports events. Every year we organize Initiation and First grade swearing-in ceremony, School Week of Regional Education, Nativity Play, Earth Day and Day of Sport. There are ceremonial academies on the occasion of National Education Day, November 11, School Day, Graduation Ceremony.

Students can participate in subject competitions, educational trips and winter camp.

Winners of extracurricular competitions and top students are honored with the „Primus Inter Pares” badge, and the best graduate of a year receives the Staszic Statuette.

The school also organizes sessions and scientific conferences.

In the school museum you can see interesting exhibitions devoted to Silesian culture and the history of the school, city and region.

The school has over 60 didactic classrooms equipped with teaching aids and audiovisual equipment. We have mechatronic, electrical, mining, automotive, IT, renewable energy and professional consulting facilities equipped with modern devices used in industry.

Physical education lessons take place in a sports hall, 2 gymnasiums, a fitness room and school pitches. In search of books you can go to the school library and take advantage of the rich book collection, as well as free internet access. In the school there are classes in career counseling, where students with the help of pedagogues can define their plans for the future and plan their path of vocational education.

The school conducts pedagogical innovations that promote distance learning using a remote teaching platform. Students have the choice of teaching additional languages: English, German, French or Russian. The building has a buffet serving good and cheap meals. Parents and students have an online system to control attendance and progress in learning through an electronic register.

Students actively work as part of the Student Government, organizing many school events, as well as representing the school in the region in the Youth City Council. The youth of our school participate in many professional competitions and olympics, achieving significant successes. Students have the opportunity to pursue their interests in IT, sports, subject and art, as well as shooting, journalist and theatrical extracurricular activities. We have been cooperating with many partner schools abroad for many years. The Technical School works closely with local enterprises and companies. The results of the efforts are signed contracts and work guarantees for graduates. These activities were awarded with the prize of a Black Diamond, a prestigious award for the best company in the Silesian region. In addition, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary in 2010, the school was awarded the gold honorary badge for contribution for the Silesian Region and currently has the Polish Product - Technical University Certificate 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and the title of the golden school 2014 and 2015 and the silver school 2016 and 2017 in the best Rybnik technical schools category.

The Technical School is one of the largest schools in the Silesian region, it was established in 1950. It is located in the center of Rybnik, in close proximity to the „Plac Wolności” transport hub and the PKP railway station.

The school has extensive experience in vocational and general education at various levels. We educate in perspective directions that meet the needs of the labour market. Vocational education and related mining, mechatronics, electrics, IT, forwarding and motorization provide the basis for the development of our school, which prepares the professional staff in these areas of life.

We take care of the full educational path, so that everyone who starts learning with us, regardless of the preparation they have, could get a vocational education, obtain the title of a technician and pass the school-leaving examination. Our graduates are academic employees of universities, take positions in state and local administration, run their own companies.

The school has the status of an Academic Technical School of two universities - the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and the University of Economics in Katowice.

Technical School:
underground mining technician,
electrical technician,
mechanic technician,
mechatronics technician,
equipment and renewable energy systems technician,
IT technician,
automotive technician,
forwarder technician,
automatic technician,
avionics technician.

Vocational School
mechanic - fitter of machinery and equipment,
electromechanic of motor vehicles

Post-secondary school for adults
equipment and renewable energy systems technician,
electronics and medical informatics technician,
IT technician,
drill technician,
Occupational Health and Safety technician